What Lies Behind the Gates

I see hooks of sunshine running down natures path,
I see all of the souls intermingling into one stagnant being,
I see webbing of rainbows, tangling in between strings of silk,
I see all the things that are suddenly so clear,
It’s beyond comprehension.

It’s the music. Can’t you hear it?
Rushing through your veins.
You are the sound of symphonies,
Of melodies,
Of chime.

I can feel you surrounding my translucent fortress of fragility,
I feel naked.
It feels so odd to feel this exposed.
I am so scared to be seen.

I have a feeling,
A hunch maybe?
About what happens to us when we die.

I think when you die you wont notice.
This is because the after life and the during life are so similar,
That we just keep walking on down that street and it doesn’t end.
I’m just waiting for this street to end.

I am so tired being on this tiny planet,
Filled with all the ghosts of my embarrassment’s past,
I become so infatuated with the intelligent life,
It’s hard to remember my life’s mission.

I am here to learn,
To soak it all in-
To Love.

Do you think the earthlings are onto us?

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