“On the Other Side of the Rainbow”

When I open my eyes,
it’s you I see,
standing right here,
in front of me.

From the top of my head,
to the tip of my toes,
electric beams,
race through my bones.

I part my lips,
prepare to speak,
but nothing comes out,
words hide in my cheeks.

I offer my hands,
palm up in prayer,
asking for help,
but you’re not here.

It seems I was wrong,
What I sought to be true,
That all life long,
It was never you.

Never you who was in front of me,
Never you who cared,
Off in a land far away from me,
But I suppose you were just scared.

Tell me who you want me to be,
Tell me what you need,
Tell me all the things you crave for,
Do you like what you see?

Well I can tell you one thing,
I do.

I do.

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