“Deracination of Guilt”

Fingertips gentle on skin,
Palms gentle on skin,
Eyes gentle on my skin,
Eyes gentle on me.

I am seen.
I see you.

Let this be as simple and as sweet as it can be.
Crack smiles on endless miles of my memory.

Soft hair through my fingers,
Soft fingers through your skin.
Breathe me in, breathe me in.
Breathe me in.

You are seen.
You see me.

Used receipts, shameful drives,
churning churning churning

I am no comparison.
Forrest eyes of abandon.
Silver skies expanding.
Please let me just land on my

Laughter in my lungs,
Laughter in the air,
Laughter tangling through your hair,
Soft hair that my fingers touched,
from skin that my that your palms gently brush.

I am no comparison.
Just a moment.
Just a breath.
Just a touch.

Let me be enough.

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