“Transient Paramour”

Rose tinted glasses, prescription 20/200,
Runaround thoughts in a lazy Susan of
burden’s right to affection.
Recollection of a man’s mind,
twice the decade wise,
a delicacy to a woman’s eye.

Daydreams of low tones tip-toeing through light,
Shame in the shape of deep hazel sunshine,
Dark and sulking through the night,
A social elixir to make any legs shake,
Long mornings await ’til the secrets wake.

Satisfy a riddle of longing,
Timing, comely of falling,
Endless digits of romance,
Enhance those that of calling,
An ache in my chest.
An ache behind my breast.

It’s obsession,
a cruel lesson,
Cynosure, a weapon-
of dalliance.

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