“Slave To Your Words”

Under the glow of LED,
There is you.
Watching, waiting and preying on my vulnerability,
I willingly accept this because I feel I deserve it.
I deserve everything you say,
Everything you breathe,
Everything you mean,
Because I am just existing until I’m not,
Like the rest of us,
I just dream.

Visions of colored skies,
Long roads and sweet lips,
This will not be as I anticipate,
But I accept this because I feel I deserve it.
Nothing will change,
The cycle continues,
And I’m left with nothing but rain,
gravel and goosebumps.

I’m not sure which route to turn,
Besides numbing myself in every connection I make,
I don’t need you,
I want you,
And I accept this, because I feel I deserve it.

Easily manipulated,
Your hands mold my world like soft chocolate,
Melting through your fingertips
And dripping down onto my shoes.
My shoes were already brown,
But you didn’t care anyway.

I’ll forever be encapsulated in the cell in my head,
Rolling the film,
Playing the clip,
Of the smile on my face.

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