“A Letter to Love”

Dear Love,
If there was anything I learned in your presence,
It is that you are inebriating.

Everything that lives in the essence of you has either been
Damned by you
Or Enraptured by the appeal of your glow

There are parts of you that are unforgiving
Like how you push someone’s hair behind their ear while they cry
Knowing fully well you’re the reason for the tears
Or how you blame yourself to gain the satisfaction
Of knowing the other person will never believe it was your fault

I have always been in the shadow of fault with you,
Everytime we have had an encounter
It was beautiful and disastrous
Like watching a train crash into a wall in slow motion
Soaking in the horror without being able to look away

I have felt like the horror that you cannot look away from.

Temping in your attitude, you find pleasure in pain,
You are seen as the epitome of beauty
When you are Death’s cousin-
Causing as much pain as the relief you give,
And walking away after you’ve grown used to it.

I have seen you too many times on the street,
You’re in between laced fingers
And whispers to small ears.
You are in the cracks of story book pages
But you have never been so fleeting.

You could say that you’re the most famous body of thought,
That the world has ever possessed.

How can you possess that title,
And not be ashamed of all you’ve done?

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