Anticipating College

After being out of school for about 2 years now, I’m finally going back. I graduated a year early to give me a gap year to really think about what I want to do- and while I’m still not completely sure, I have a lot of passion for what I plan on studying. I decided on Criminal Justice because I want to work on helping victims of crimes. A lot of people have been discouraging me from this path, and I’m worried myself. Most people who go into that field are serious or military types. At least, that’s the stereotype. I’m well aware that I of all people shouldn’t be assuming the types of people who go into a field like Criminal Justice considering I am going into that field and I am not necessarily the militia fanatic or the conservative type of person. I guess I’m just worried that the people I’ll be surrounded by won’t have much in common with me and I won’t make any new friends. This is ridiculous, obviously, because it’s just nerves but it’s still on the back of my mind.

Though it was never the plan for me to quit school after high school, I can understand why people are against the idea of taking a gap year. I’ve gotten used to the leisure of having a lot of time, though I live with my parents. If I wasn’t a very education oriented person, I can see why it’s easy to slip into that idea of, “Well, maybe I don’t have to go to college.” Being out of the game and not being driven and motivated for this long has got me wondering on how well I’ll manage.

Since I decided to graduate a year early, I had doubled my workload and had to have an insane amount of patience and drive. After pumping through that the last two years of my high school career, I couldn’t fully relax until my other classmates had graduated in 2016. Then I realized, oh wow- even all my friends are finished. I sort of resent the fact that I got used to taking a break because I worry that I won’t have that amount of passion or ambition as I had before.

Regardless, I go back in less than two weeks and I’m excited but scared. I hope I do well in my academics, I hope I make friends, and I hope that this is a positive experience, unlike high school and middle school had been for me.

P.S. I’m going to miss sleep. Sigh.

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